It's time to step out from behind your logo and elevate your business.

Here, Ella from Ella Lacey Photography discusses photoshoot fears and includes 7 ways to overcome them.

You've probably heard of claustrophobia, agoraphobia, and arachnophobia; they're all legitimate reasons to feel afraid. (Especially arachnophobia and especially if you're an Aussie like me, and the spiders are MASSIVE where you come from!)

But, have you ever heard of scopophobia? It's the fear of being looked at or photographed in a social setting, and although it's unique, it is a real phobia.

I understand if the thought of someone taking your photo fills you with dread.

It's common to dislike photos of yourself. You're used to seeing yourself in a mirror, in reverse, meaning photographs can be confronting.

If you have been avoiding the lens to the point where no one knows you're the one behind that well-known business down the road, I'm here to let you know it's time to front up!

I'm here to help you step out from behind your logo and own your business wholly because a big-hearted person like you (and I know you're big-hearted because you're here reading my blog) deserves to be seen.

I believe you are investing everything into your business, and your clients deserve to know you.

Creatives and entrepreneurs come to me for real and unique photos they can use for their marketing. I want to see the real you, the cheeky side, the serious side, and the emotional side, and guess what? Your clients do too. With images like these, you connect to your audience, and you find valuable, life-long clients. Authenticity is how you find your people, and we all know the world could use a little more real right now.

Whatever the reason you dread this experience, it's time to move on and show your face in public. Show up for your clients and yourself by using images that are true to you and your business.


-Some people are naturals in front of a camera; don't worry if you are not.

-Other people judge you less harshly than you judge yourself.

-Often these fears are more about how you feel about yourself, and that's worth exploring.

-Not every photograph is about you, my business branding photo shoots are designed to showcase your entire service or product.

Often the way we see ourselves in photographs is a symptom of self-criticism and terrible self-judgment. If this is the case for you, the more resounding answer could be to gain greater self-compassion. I'm no yogi or guru – but I do have a couple of rituals I use to overcome self-doubt and inner judgement, and they might work for you.

Here are seven gentle ways to feel more comfortable in front of a photographer and be happy with your photographs.

1.Prepare for the panic

If you feel anxious before a photoshoot, remind yourself that this often happens to you and let the emotions work their way through you. By shining a light on something that irks us, we create space to deal with it, leading to a more relaxed composure when the time comes.


If step one doesn't work, try meditation. 

These days, meditation is a practice that's accessible to everyone. Try one of the thousands of meditations on the Insight Timer app to cultivate a practice that involves mindfulness and compassion. At the core of human fear, disappointment, and anxiety are a lack of compassion for oneself and others. When we learn to love ourselves, we understand ourselves and others better. We are more patient with ourselves, accept our flaws as human traits, realise we are all the same, and all have fears, AND we like photos of ourselves more.

3.Concentrate on your clients

I photograph you from a customer's perspective, thinking about what they want to see and learn about you and your business, not what you think they want to see. Think about the great things people have said about you, and use the positive energy to create more of the things your clients love.

4.Own it

Be proud and maintain eye contact – you'll come across as more confident, and you'll own the photoshoot.

5.Don't focus on imperfections

It's well known that we judge ourselves more harshly than others do. Please focus on the beauty you emit instead.

6.Remember how hard you've worked

You've worked hard to get where you are, and you deserve images that represent that. Let your hard work shine through your face and into the camera – I'll capture your wisdom there.

7.Remember your uniqueness

No one is you, has your look, your thoughts, your business ideas, your insight. Your originality and uniqueness appeal to real humans who are looking for a connection. Be proud of your quirks and imperfections.


Your business and brand identity inevitably evolves as you do, so I work hard to shine a light on you in places you can be proud of. I know that you might feel awkward and shy about having your photograph taken. Luckily it's my job to make sure you have fun, feel comfortable, and enjoy the experience of working with a photographer. I aim to add financial value to your business by touching your customers' hearts and minds. Working with me means amplifying your voice, considering your audience, and breathing life into your business.

I will leave you with a gallery of unique images to use across your marketing and a greater sense of purpose because you've stepped outside your comfort zone and elevated your image, just in time for your business to take off in 2021.

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