BadASS Guest - Claire Hauxwell
As an aspiring author and entrepreneur, I hesitated to contact a branding photographer. I didn’t think professional photos were necessary for a lot of reasons – the biggest being, Who the hell did I think I was? I thought only successful professionals hired real photographers to snap shots of them like paparazzi. To me, scheduling a photoshoot felt vain and over the top. But then I got over myself.

These pictures were just one piece of what I needed to create my brand identity. Their imagery gave my brand a visual element. Having quality photographs was a huge asset in helping me craft what I wanted my brand identity to say, and I’m so glad I did it.

Here’s some advice for anyone on the fence about booking a branding photoshoot

Talk with a lot of photographers and choose the one that gets your vibe.
If the photographer just wants you to listen to them because they’re the professional – they clearly aren’t hearing you. You want someone who will listen to you when you say a pose makes you feel cringey or that you hate one of their ideas. Don’t forget, you’re paying them… so get what you want.
Think about what you want your photos to say.
I knew I didn’t want my photos to make me look fake and fussy, but I fumbled with articulating exactly what I did want. Having an idea of what you want or don’t want will help your photographer do a better job of capturing the real you. One benefit of working with a professional is that they can typically sense what you are trying to describe without actually having to say the words.
Choose outfits you love.
Don’t wear something you’d never wear in real life. Unless you wear ball gowns and tuxedos to your daily zoom calls, stick to what feels good. You can always tell when someone isn’t comfortable in an outfit and it will come through in the pictures too.

Get your hair and make-up done professionally.
If you can afford this indulgence, do it. I’ve done two photoshoots - one with a hair and makeup stylist and one without. If I’m being honest (which I always am), the one with a stylist turned out a hell of a lot better. I look more confident. Let’s be real, your hair always looks better when it’s been professionally coifed.
Try to relax and have fun.
It’s weird to have a big ass lens pointed in your face and then told to look natural when you aren’t Gisele Bündchen. It’s worse to open your gallery of images to see awkward and uneasy versions of yourself staring back at you. Do what you’ve got to do to loosen up, turn on some music, do some jumping jacks or have a glass of wine to shake the nerves off.
Your photoshoot will be a chance to showcase yourself and your talents and don’t forget… to let the world know how big of a badASS you are. Each one of your photos will be a chance to tell your story about who you are and why you do what you do in order to attract the right following. Put some thought into your decisions because you are creating something unstoppable.
So if you are a Creative or Entrepreneur and need photographs to use on your Website, Marketing, Publications, Press Release, Brochures, Social Media, Newsletter, E- Books, Digital Products, Online Shops, Blogs, Headshots, CV, Features or any other promotional material contact me.