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Hello, I’m Ella.

I was born and raised in Australia but left to see the world when I was 18. Now at the wise age of 39, you could say that I am a ‘global citizen’ or ‘I am not sure where I belong anymore’ - I have lived so far from home for so long, photographs have always been my connection to my nearest and dearest. At the heart of all my work is the desire to create a human connection, something we all crave.

I studied film photography with a manual camera and developed my images in a dark room - old school style. I have a whole heap of experience in all types of photography, but over the last seven years, I have been serving a purpose to others through my work in Personal Branding.

I’m proud to say my work is published, my skill set extensive, and I own a kit bag full of gear that enables me to create something unique for every client. I have an eye for composition, the ability to capture moments as they happen, and am at ease being around others, making clients feel relaxed and comfortable. 

For Personal Branding images that stand out – get in touch.

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