Hi, I am Dominique. I was born as well as raised in Switzerland and belong to the lucky ones that speak both German and French due to my upbringing. I was introduced to the term multi-passionate a few years back and it describes me quite well – I practice and teach yoga, I am a part-time graphic designer and am in the process of becoming a life and success coach.

How did you find your photographer?
I believe there are no coincidences in life and accordingly, meeting Ella wasn’t one either. I am part of a Facebook group for female entrepreneurs in Switzerland and on a hunch I just decided to ask if there were any photographers interested in working with me. Needless to say that the group was full of independent and beautiful entrepreneurs who were excited to be hired. I knew I was a big fan of Ella before I even went through all the offers. I instantly had an amazing feeling when it came to her and her work.

What were your goals?
I was wanting to build my website at the time and even though I had professional photographs of myself from previous shootings, I knew I needed new pictures that reflected who I was and captured the feelings I wanted to bring across.

How did you prepare?
I already had a few ideas in mind of how I would like my pictures to look and feel. In addition, I am a big fan of mood boards and use Pinterest quite a lot – putting together a set of pictures helped me crystalize my ideas even more and allowed me to share it with Ella during our preparation call.
A few days before the shoot, I tried out and put together my outfits and brainstormed hairstyles according to what Ella and I discussed.

How did the photoshoot run?
I am not always too comfortable in front of a camera, yet Ella made me feel safe from the moment she walked into the place we were shooting in. After she had a look around the chosen location, she started with a few pictures to get me comfortable in front of the camera. Playing some upbeat music in the background and chatting with her really helped set the tone and ease me into the situation.

What were the results?
There is no other way to put it than – the result was amazing. I was so nervous and impatient to see the final pictures but the reveal was jaw-dropping. She was able to captures the feelings and mood I desired perfectly.

Where did you use the photographs?
Even though the initial use for the photographs was the website, I used them for my social media content too. As a graphic designer, I love to use them in a creative and fun way using overlays, colours and illustrations. One picture was even used for a flyer which promotes my private yoga lessons. There is no limit to what you can create with your photographs – allowing my inspiration to flow freely with the use of the pictures was and is such a fun process.
Meeting and working with Ella was a blessing. Her passion for her work can be felt in anything she does and is – from the smile she has when shooting to the final result she creates.