Branding Photography is clearly not a secret, talk to almost any small business owner, entrepreneur, or creative brand manager, and the topic of photography branding has probably come up in conversation. you can hire me to take photographs for your website, publications, social media, marketing, blog posts, e-books, newsletter, features, brochures and any other promotional material.

Gone are the days of using stock photo images to promote your business; customers want to buy from real people with real stories, who will step in front of the camera and face their audience. Connect with clients and ultimately increase repeat business;

‘The smartest way to tell people what you do is show them, so wipe your hands of the hard work, and let me do it for you.’

People come to me for help in showing a connection, personality, and emotion, before your branding shoot, we work together to develop a visual content strategy that tells your story. We amplify your voice, always consider your audience, breathe life into your business and let your customers know you are here for them. A branding photography session is about more than just the headshot – it’s a series of storytelling images that represent you and your company values and define you as the face of your brand. 

‘Branding photography proves the essence of your business via stunning photographic images.’

There are more than 582 million entrepreneurs worldwide, and in 2019, 44,000 businesses were founded in Switzerland alone – how will you differentiate yourself?

Being visible in the online space is one thing, but being visible AND trustworthy is the key to business success.

‘If people like you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.’


If people share values with a business, they will stay loyal to the brand, so the goal is to make your customers feel compelled to work with you, but how do you do this? With stunning images that denote not only what you do and how you do it, but who you are.

There’s a saying that goes ‘brand or be branded’ – and while you can’t control what people say about you or your business, it’s vital to guide it.

‘Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.’


Personal branding is what takes your business from being like a competitor to showcasing uniqueness, allowing you to cut through the unrelenting noise of social media.

‘When you develop your message with a stunning visual identity, you are taking control of your image and how you want to be perceived.’

Your brand identity needs to resonate with your customers – you need to upgrade your image and set business intentions now. More than ever, we need your expertise and unique take on the world; you need to be seen and heard.

‘There’s a place for everyone in this world and enough business to go around; you just need to capture it.’

Ella Lacey