Preparing for your Photoshoot

What do I wear?

Your clothing choices will communicate a lot about your overall brand message so it’s worth some planning. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to what to wear, but here are some helpful tips to consider when preparing for your photo shoot. 
Wear something that you LOVE
Bring along 4-5 choices of complete outfits
Don't forget your accessories, hats, earrings and scarfs
If your business has a uniform, make sure it is ironed
Dress for the weather conditions
Wear colours and tones that compliment you
Wear your brand colours or accessorise with them
Wear solid colours
Avoid clothing with busy patterns, logos, and neon
Hair - Consider having it done professionally
Makeup – wear your everyday look, highlight your favourite features
BE YOU - You know your brand and business best. Ultimately, no one can decide what’s better to wear than you can.

How to Prepare the location?

The location for your photo shoot has been picked to suit you and your business perfectly. Let me share some tips to help you prepare your space to get the best results from your photographs.
Think of the location as a stage set, a glimpse into your business
If you are having the photoshoot indoors then give it the clean of its life, pay special attention to reflective surfaces, and hide clutter
Use props like fresh flowers, plants, books, etc
Include living props like a willing customer, your dog, computer, note book or friends and family members.
Include your brand colors throughout your stage set
Bring along any branded products
I aim to CREATE an impression of space, airiness, clean sightlines, and photographs that represent your brand's personality and story.

Final Tips!

Get at least eight hours of sleep the night before your photo shoot.
Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin and feel your best
Practice posing at home in front of a mirror
The more you practice the more you’ll feel confident on the day
Don’t forget your nails, this is a great excuse to go get a manicure
The night before, give yourself a little extra pamper so you’re feeling 100%
On the day of your photoshoot, give yourself plenty of time to get ready and avoid rushing.
During your photo shoot, I will direct you with how to pose.
All you have to do is relax and trust me.