This passion project started in response to the Australian Bushfires. It involved over 50 people volunteering their time to write a letter and have their portrait taken to sit alongside it. Here are 4 examples of the kindness and compassion that exists in times of adversity. Stay tuned for updates on delivery of the printed project to Australia. Please fill in a contact form if you would like to get involved.

Susan Lyon

The houses fallen will be swept up and taken to the tip, the debris raked away to make room for the home that will be rebuilt, the family that lived there will always have the pain that comes with losing their home.

But my mind keeps wondering about the animals, the native to Australia, distinctivly Aussie, not anywhere else animals. If we sweep up their fallen homes, if we rebuild their trees and bushes and shrubs and dirt, will life go back to normal for them, or will they also have the pain in their hearts of losing their homes, their families and animal communities? I'll always have the animals of Australia on my mind. 

Ariane Signer

Dear Oz,

The devastation you have suffered in recent months is unimaginable, but the bravery and resilience of your people is awe-inspiring.

Yours is a country filled with people who will find a reason to smile the day after their home burnt to the ground. A country of kind-hearted firefighters who jump at the chance to save koalas and kangaroos from the blaze. A country who takes care of their own, who battles tragedy with patience and perseverance.

Australia, we see you.

Our hearts break at the magnitude of your loss; of your own heartbreak. It will take time to rebuilt, to heal. And you will never forget.

Right now, let the world cradle you in their arms. Let us take care of you. Let us be strong while you take a break. Fall apart. We are here for you, and we love you.

We see you. We got you.

Renee Blanchardt

In the Great Spirit. Lies the Great Mystery. The Creators way is simple but we chose to pollute it by no longer remembering

Remember who we are. Remember where we all came. Remember that we are all the same

But we chose to forget. And in our forgetfulness. We forget the Creators way. We forget our power. And hold onto our pain. And some of us go insane

We came here to be together. In the Great Mystery to stay. But we forget to hold our head high. And honour the Divine way

Instead we are lead by our shame. And wonder how the world will ever change

If we accept ourselves. Then all in the world will be accepted also. If we honour ourselves. We will be honoured by all whom we meet

We all have a gift. That is of the Great Mystery. Let us now remember. And set our Souls free

Katarina Manino

When I was a child in the Communist country of Czechoslovakia, I've been told, that if I dig really really deep, I will dig up on the other side of the world, on a big Continent called Australia. In the school they didn't tell us much more, since, apparently, Australia was too free to imagine and we could've asked inappropriate questions. I've tried to visualise that amazing world, saw the pictures of funny kangaroos, koalas and a huge red rock that seemed almost unreal. Much later I've learned the name Uluru, I was having goosebumps seeing indigenous Aboriginal art or reading the poems of Dorothy Porter. And now I'm meeting Australians like Ella Brown, born on the other side of the world and yet so close to my heart. 

Sending love letters to Australia, that country from my childhood dreams. I hope and pray, that nor fire, nor darkest hours will take away your freedom and bravery.