July 1, 2019

Invisible Women

The media symbolically annihilates women who dont fit money making beauty ideals, at times it feels like the world is obsessed with image and ego. Some women are left feeling that they must wear certain clothing, use specific brands and look young forever to be beautiful.

That kind of thinking was in my head most of my life but it all became overwhelming when I was on a family holiday in Ibiza. We soaked up the sunsets, listened to heavy beats and reconnected as a family but I didn't feel right. I felt invisible and a little lost. I had lost the spark in my eyes and the fire in my belly. I had been living within a community of other women who had also lost their spark, through work, motherhood and the journey we call life, I did not realise this until I stepped out of that world and was surrounded by free spirited beach babes. The island was overflowing with beautiful, bikini glad women. I was exhausted raising a son that I was struggling to keep up with and trying to hold onto my identity pre motherhood. When I got back to London I remember chatting with a close friend of mine about how the holiday had made me feel. My friend understood exactly what I was trying to say, even sharing her own stories and experiences with me. Turns out it even has a name "Invisible Years" Its a time in life that some women feel like they could enter a room and no one would notice, share their opinions and not be heard. I am not suggesting all women experience this but there are way more of us than I realised.

The project " Invisible Women" was born to celebrate women and their inner beauty with the focus on individual style and personality. To create photographs that would re light the fire within. To help women feel reconnected with themselves. Some of this work alongside an interview about me was published in Emma Magazine June 2019 edition. It felt incredible to be visible and ironically the portrait of me that was used was taken on that Ibiza holiday.

So if your feeling brave and want to get your own set of portraits please get in touch I would be honoured to create them for you. +41 078 717 0484 or complete my contact form.