What do I Photograph?

New Born Photography……having a new baby is intense, and can quickly turn into a blur as we forget those momentous early days. As a mother myself I understand those feelings of vulnerability combined with sleep deprivation and overwhelm (let’s be honest, it’s not always glamorous!). I also recognise the intense joy that is bursting through the seams of your very existence when you connect with that little being, lost in moments of pure, unconditional love. These are the moments to be cherished.

Teenagers…….the teenage years pass oh so quickly and it’s such a beautiful transition to capture. The innocence of youth contrasted against the clumsiness of becoming an adult may feel awkward and confronting at the time, but these are the moments we look back on with a compassionate and open heart.

Family Portraits……I love nothing more than spending a fun filled session with a family, capturing honest moments that, although filled with highs and lows, are bursting with love.  I offer in home sessions or outdoor.

Weddings……love stories, I steer clear of the clichés, allowing your special moments to unfold organically as I subtly capture the flashes that represent you and your relationship. It’s very important to me that I get to know you as we work together, so that we can create works of art that are an honest and beautiful reflection of your truth. Instead of looking back on images of these enchanted times with memories of forced smiles and frustrating logistics, my goal is to create something for you to relive these joyful times over and over again. These moments in your life are magical – you are so loved up that nothing else matters…… I want you to remember this magic.

Website/social media image content…..If you are a business starting out or looking to upgrade your online presence then I can help. I aim to provide you with a collection of high quality professional images that can be used on your website and social media.  Images that are filled with emotion, market your brand  and connect with your dream clients.


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