About Me

I have a kind heart, wise mind, brave spirit and bold faith!

Tasting the magic, I have always loved photography.  I studied film photography at school and as an adult I have always been the one reaching for my camera. I always had an eye for composition, the ability to capture moments as they happen, and an ease of being around others that made them feel relaxed and comfortable. Having grown up in Australia and moving to the UK when I was 18, I have lived so far from home for so long that photographs have always been my connection to my nearest and dearest.  It was when I became a mother in 2012 that I reflected on my love of photography and felt pulled to dip my toes in the waters once more.  I resigned from a successful career in Mental Health and have spent the last 7 years working in photography.  After spending four years retraining and working for other professional photographers I was ready to start my own business and in August 2016 Ella Lacey Photography was born.  It’s been growing and evolving at a beautiful pace, and I love the opportunities to connect with new people.  I travel a lot, work random hours, run around chasing kids with my camera, listen to heart-warming speeches and witness the bonding of brand new families.

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