About Me

My ‘about me’ isn’t really about me. It’s about you. It’s about the journey of your life – composed of simplistic details that shape your world. It’s about those beautiful moments that you want to hold close, collect and revisit to feel them all over again, tasting memories that gently slip away over time. It’s about all those precious moments that, when collated, tell the story of you.

My dream is to help you to capture these moments through the art of photography. I am a professional photographer currently based in Switzerland, covering portraits and events that shape the rich tapestry of your world

How did I come to the wondrous journey of photography?

Tasting the magic…….I have always loved photography.  I studied film photography at school and as an adult I have always been the one reaching for my camera. For my 21st birthday my brother bought me a professional camera to practice my art, and my skills continued to evolve.  I always had an eye for composition, the ability to capture moments as they happen, and an ease of being around others that made them feel relaxed and comfortable. Having grown up in Australia and moving to the UK when I was 18, I have lived so far from home for so long that photographs have always been my connection to my nearest and dearest, and my home is filled with them!  During my twenties I went to a lot of weddings. I looked on at the photographers with curiosity, becoming aware of the awkwardness of their presence and the bored eyes waiting for yet another picture to be snapped. When I was married myself, I wanted it to be different.

I was married in Italy with ten guests in a castle, and it was important to me that my photographer had a gentle and discreet energy. He emanated a cool and calm vibe – rocking up on his Vespa with hair gelled back. He was a big hit with the ladies and kept everyone smiling. Years later, looking back on those memories, we smile at the photos that help us re-live the magic of that day (after a 17 year long romance, we need to be reminded of those exciting, special moments sometimes).

The A-ha moment

After giving birth to my son, I decided to resign from a successful career in mental health. I sacrificed part of my identity and financial independence in order to live and love his childhood – I didn’t want to miss a single moment.

In rediscovering a new identity, I reflected on my love of photography and felt pulled to dip my toes in the waters once more.

I began working part time at weddings as an assistant/second shooter when my son was 8 months old. Over four years I thrived, developing my skills and knowledge in photography before I was finally brave enough to start my own business.

A new baby was born

In August 2016 Ella Lacey Photography was born and I haven’t looked back. It’s been growing and evolving at a beautiful pace, and I love the opportunities to connect with new people. I travel a lot, work random hours, run around parks chasing kids with my camera, listen to heart-warming speeches and witness the bonding of brand new families – all behind my camera, composing photographs as the journey and story unfolds before my eyes.  The moment when I finish a shoot and come home to edit gives me such a heart-warming feeling. I have documented a time in someone’s life that they will never live again. Too often we fail to be truly present when we are knee deep in life, let alone capture these moments on camera. This is my gift to my customers – the opportunity to re-live special times that create the colourful canvas of your life.